What type of Shredding is best for you?

If you’re interested in shredding your documents, it means you’ve taken an interest in increasing your personal and professional safety, or simply clearing out some office space. Either way, congratulations! The next step is picking a shredding type that works for you, as there are different kinds of shredding that work best for different situations. Take stock of the following few factors to help give yourself a full understanding of how best to meet your shredding needs:

  • What is your budget?
  • How much paper do you need shredded?
  • How securely do you need your documents shredded?
  • Are you interested in shredding a single batch of paper, or would you like to shred documents on a scheduled basis?

Once you’ve determined what you need from your shredding process, you’re ready to select a service! Regardless of which style of service you use, it’s important to note that you’ll always receive the greatest possible level of security and convenience when you work with us. Your paperwork will never be handled after it’s been placed in one of our secure totes, but will be placed directly into our professional-grade shredders and destroyed. We encourage our clients to watch the shredding process, for maximum peace of mind.

We want our services to be accessible. Regardless of what type of shredding you need, you can use our services just once or on a regular schedule. You can also use our services whether you have a lot of paperwork or just a little! We’re an Indiana-based, family-led company, and we care about our customers and our community. We believe you’ll see these values reflected in our customer service as soon as you begin working with us.

Residential shredding

If you have a backlog of papers in your home office, we can help. It’s much more important to safely destroy your personal documents than many people realize. Outdated forms like expired licenses, old bank statements, bills, and more don’t need to clutter up your workspace, but should not simply be thrown away where potential criminals have easy access to them. You can efficiently protect your identity by thoroughly shredding these, and other, personal documents.

When you use our services, you’ll be given a tote to keep in your residence to be filled with paperwork you’d like shredded. Don’t worry if you don’t generate paper particularly quickly; we’re happy to shred documents every week or every three months! Security matters to us, not quantity. We’re also able to visit you once or on a regular schedule, depending on your needs.

Business shredding

It’s always a good idea to shred business-related paperwork. If your business currently does not shred their documents, or uses an office shredder, working with us can save your organization time and money while improving your business’ overall security. Your clients and customers will appreciate it when you can guarantee them an extra layer of security by utilizing professional shredding services.

We have experience shredding for businesses of all kinds, including factories, banks, law offices, and small government bodies. We can provide security to any size or style of business, and we can handle all kinds of documents. Even if you have a large amount of paperwork with elements like binding, paperclips, or staples, we can securely shred them without difficulty.

Drop-off document shredding

If it’s more convenient for you or your organization, you always have the option of dropping off your documents to be shredded. If this option interests you, contact us today and we can make it a reality.


Your pricing will vary based on the service you select, as well as how much paper you have to shred and how often you’d like your shredding service to occur. However, a general outline of our standardized per-container pricing is as follows:

  • Our standard service is $50. This service includes on-site shredding of one 95 gallon tote.
  • An additional 95 gallon tote or its equivalent is $50, which is prorated for containers that are ¼, ½, or ¾ full
  • Container placements cost $15, and container rental fees are $10/month

We’re confident that our professional shredding services will save you time and money, both immediately and in the long run. You won’t have to spend the time shredding documents yourself, and you can rest easy in the assurance of identity protection our services provide that office shredders just can’t match.

For more details on our pricing plans, visit our website for details and the ability to request a free quote!