Document Shredding in Seymour, Indiana

Has your office shred pile grown out of control? Did your small capacity shredder jam yet again? Maybe you missed a paperclip before you tossed that folder in there. If the blades got a bit mangled, you’re in for some aggravation. Luckily, we have the solution for you.

We Come to You

Not to worry! You can skip all the hassle. Shredding and Storage Unlimited services the Seymour area of Indiana with mobile, on-site document shredding to fit your needs. From residential clients to large businesses, we can handle it all.


Slip your sensitive documents through the slot in one of our secure shred bins, and we’ll do the rest! Our state-of-the-art mobile shred truck provides iron-clad chain of custody by using a no-touch procedure. Documents to be shredded go right into the locked bins we provide you at no charge, and the lids do not open until the moment we dump them into the truck.

Extreme Capacity

Our industrial-strength blades, powered directly by the truck’s main diesel engine, rip through anything you can throw at it. Staples, binder clips, CDs, tapes, paperclips, and thick folder covers pose no problem. If you need a one-time purge of outdated records, or perhaps are rotating your stored documents to maintain a mandated storage window, our trucks can handle it. Each truck is equipped to process 6,000 lb. per hour – equivalent to 335 filled file boxes.

On-Demand Scheduling

Whether you have a minimal, under-the-desk 5 gallon bin, or multiple 95 gallon totes, no job is too large or too small. Schedule regular pickups, and/or call us as-needed to adjust the frequency of our stops to your address. Choose any combination of our 5 different sized storage containers to suit your individual needs. 95-, 64-, or 32-gallon totes, consoles, or 11-gallon under-desk bins secure your documents until we arrive.


All the paper we shred is completely recycled, not merely repurposed into things like animal bedding. In 2018 alone, Shredding and Storage Unlimited recycled nearly 3 million pounds of cardboard and paper. That saved 25,000 trees and 100,000 gallons of oil, as well as 6,300,000 kWh of energy and 10,000,000 gallons of water that would have been used to produce ‘virgin’ paper. We could save you or your business up to 50% on your shredding costs, making us the best choice to improve your business’ sustainability.

Storage and Retrieval

We offer document storage at our facilities and will pick up and return your files at your request. We also retrieve specific records on-demand and bring them right to you at your convenience. Call or email us today for a free quote!