Document Shredding in Plainfield, Indiana

If your shred pile is getting out of control, or your shred bin is constantly overflowing, your documents probably seem to be multiplying out of nowhere. Before sensitive informative ends up in the wrong hands (or falls on your head), call Shedding Unlimited—your Plainfield, Indiana document shredding specialists!

Why Us?

We’ve been in business for over 40 years, servicing the the three-state region of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. We provide safe and secure document storage, retrieval, and destruction for small businesses, large corporations, and private individuals like! No job is too big or too small for Shredding Unlimited.

Plainfield, Indiana

Only five minutes from Indianapolis International Airport and fifteen minutes from downtown Indianapolis, Plainfield is a “Community of Values” and a great place to live. With its rich diversity and small-town charm, Plainfield offers a lot to residents and visitors alike. We’re proud to serve the Plainfield area community with our on-site, mobile shredding services to make your everyday life just a little better.

We’re Shreddin’ It

Never worry about hauling your bins to the shred center again. When you sign with us, we do it all. Take your pick of our secure, style-conscious shred bins and fill it with the data you want to destroy. Set a recurring schedule, or call us as-needed—our dedicated professionals will swing by and shred your materials on the spot.

It’s not just paper we handle! Worry no longer about forgotten paper clips or that binder clip that ruined your last office shredder (we won’t tell if you won’t), because our super-extra-heavy-duty shred blades will tear through almost anything you can throw at it. Staples, CDs, floppy disks from 30 years ago, or that flash drive that only opened up on that one computer, which finally died yesterday.

Security, Storage, and Convenience

Our shred bins lock tight, and stay that way until we dump them in the shred chute. That’s where they meet industrial-strength blades powered directly by our shred truck’s main diesel engine. This gives you iron-clad chain of custody for compliance with data protection laws—or peace of mind if you’re shredding your own data.

But don’t let our shred-love make you think we hate documents. In fact, we love them so much that we’ll store them for you in our climate-controlled facilities, and retrieve them for you at your convenience. When complying with regulations that make you save documents for a certain length of time, you don’t have the space or energy to index and store it all—but we do! And, if you’re rotating documents to stay within a compliance window, we’ll schedule those documents to be destroyed at the appropriate time, making sure your rotation is current and the data is properly managed.

So, if you’re ready to get those file boxes out of your hallway by either storing or destroying them, drop us a line! We’ll happily give you an estimate for our services, so that you can get back to enjoying all that the Plainfield area has to offer.