Vincennes Document Destruction

Why shred with us?

Paper shredding might not be something you think about often, particularly today when so much interaction is now conducted online. In fact, this is exactly why shredding is more important than ever. If you operate a business in Vincennes, home of Vincennes University and more, you can benefit from shredding your documents whether it’s a one-man team or a large company.


If you don’t currently shred your documents, you’re leaving important pieces of information out where anyone can access them. Paperwork often contains contact information, addresses, and sometimes even more sensitive material like banking or social security numbers. When you throw these documents out unshredded, you never know whose hands they might end up in.

Using a simple office shredder is a good first step, although these shredders can only handle small amounts of paperwork and often jam. Worse, these neat strips of paper sometimes call attention to themselves. By using a professional shredding service, on the other hand, your documents will be completely destroyed and beyond the reach of any potential criminals.

Small business values

We are a family-lead, Indiana-based company with small business values that you’ll notice immediately. We are excited to work with the citizens of DeKalb County, regardless of the size of your organization. We can shred for individuals or companies, and no matter who you are or how much paper you need shredded, we can help. We bring our shredding truck directly to you, saving you the trouble of carrying your paperwork to a secondary location. We also offer easy scheduling, whether you need a one-time visit or regular visits from our shredding truck.

The most important aspect of small-town values is customer service, and you can expect the best from us. We will always go the extra mile to meet your shredding needs and make sure your documents are secured.

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