Valparaiso Document Shredding

Shredding your documents is a crucial step to protecting your information. However, once you’ve used the office shredder and thrown away the strips left behind, the very existence of those paper strips tells potential information thieves exactly where to look! Instead of struggling to work with an office shredder, which can only handle small amount of documents at once, struggles with forgotten staples and paperclips, and can only offer you a limited amount of security, contact us! We can provide on-site document shredding that is completely secure and far more convenient than anything your office shredder can offer.

Why Choose Us?

Since our shredding is done on-site at your location, not only can you skip the hassle of carrying your documents to a shredding location, but you can watch the process take place and know for certain that your information has been disposed of for good. We offer “no-touch” shredding, which means that once you’ve handed your documents over to us, none of our employees will lay a hand on your paperwork—it goes directly from a secure container into our shredder, for maximum security. We can shred large amounts of documents at once, but we’re just as comfortable working with individuals as large businesses. No matter what the size of your organization or the amount of paper you’re looking to dispose of, we can help.

You’ve got more important things to do than making sure every document eventually finds its way to the office shredder, or, even worse, tinkering with that same shredder to get it running again. Our services free up your schedule to give you more time to spend on what matters to you. We think you’ll also find that using our services will save you not only time, but money. In fact, many of our customers have saved up to 50% on their on-site shredding costs. In addition, we also recycle all of our destroyed paper materials without any extra cost.

As a small, family-led business, we care about our clients individually, and we think you’ll be able to see that as soon as you start working with us.

Contact us today with any questions you might have, or to schedule a shredding appointment!