Speedway Document Shredding

If you live in Speedway and have any paperwork that needs shredding, it might be tempting to simply throw it in the recycling, or the office shredder. Don’t! All of these methods are more risky that you may realize. When you have personal information written down or printed, whether that information is yours, a client’s, or someone else’s entirely, it’s important to protect that data. Identity theft, credit card fraud, and other forms of information-based crimes are becoming more prevalent, and safely shredding your paperwork is a simple step you can take to increase your safety.

Why hire a professional shredder?

If someone with bad intentions is trying to access your information, they won’t have qualms about looking through your recycling, or even piecing together the neat strips of paper that come from a traditional office shredder. Professional shredding services ensure that your information is completely destroyed, so even the most determined snoop won’t be able to find any of your data. Professional services mean increased peace of mind.

Why work with Shredding Unlimited?

Compared to other shredding services, we believe we can offer you increased ease of access and better customer service, in part thanks to our family-run, small-business values. We allow easy on-demand scheduling, and with our shredding truck that we can easily bring to your location, you won’t have to bother transporting your documents around the county to get them shredded.


We also take pride in our ability to provide service for clients of all sizes. Whether you’re an individual with a few documents on hand or a large business with boxes full of paperwork, we can help. In our history, we have provided services for individuals, banks, factories, government entities and more in the Speedway area, and we have a great appreciation for the community Speedway has created. We would love to be able to continue making Speedway safer by offering you the benefit of our shredding services. Contact us today with any questions you might have, or to schedule a visit from our shredding truck!