Shelbyville Shredding

If you need a professional shredding service that has experience working in Indiana communities, look no further. We are a small, family-led business that has loved our time spent serving lawyers, factories, banks, local government agencies, and individuals in Shelbyville, Addison Township, and Shelby County as a whole. We know that being near Indianapolis doesn’t necessarily mean your organization is a large one; that’s why we offer shredding services for organizations of all sizes, from individuals all the way up to large businesses.


Don’t just rely on office shredders to take care of your documents. Not only can something as simple as a staple jam them, but there’s only so much material they can handle. They often aren’t completely thorough when they destroy your paperwork, meaning important information can still fall into the wrong hands. When you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about little inconveniences like staples or paperclips, and we can shred very large amounts of paperwork all at once. Even better, our process is totally secure.

Once you put your documents into one of our secure containers, no one will touch it again before it’s completely destroyed in our shredding truck. We recycle the remaining materials, meaning that not only will your information be safe, but it will go towards an environmentally-friendly cause. We also make it easy to schedule your shredding appointments. We can shred on-demand, and bring our truck to your location so you don’t have to worry about carting your materials around with you. Whether you only need a one-time shred or are interested in arranging a regular schedule, we can help!

We can offer you all these benefits on top of our exceptional customer service. We value each of our customers individually, and will go the extra mile to make sure your business’ unique needs are met. When you sign on to work with us, we think you’ll see the difference immediately.


Contact us today with any questions you may have, or to schedule a shredding appointment!