Salem Shredding Services

Living in a relatively small, close-knit town like Salem has its benefits, but doesn’t necessarily mean that your personal information is safe. With the increase in online business, purchasing and more, it’s easier and easier to lose track of who has your information, and what they might be able to do with it! Trying to protect your information online can be difficult and confusing, and in some cases, trying to protect your data in one area can lead to leaks in another. However, there’s one surefire way to protect your information with no risk to you at all: shredding.

Secure your information

Our shredding services stand out among the rest for many reasons. First is our completely secure shredding process. For maximum safety, once your documents have been placed in one of our secure containers, no one will touch them again until after they’ve been totally destroyed. Those paper materials are then recycled, meaning that working with us is an environmentally-friendly option! We are also happy to work with organizations from every size, whether you’re an individual working out of a home office or a representative of a large business. No matter where you work, our on-site and easy-to-schedule shredding can benefit you.

A local company with small-business values

We’re an Indiana-born business, and we have experience working in Washington County and Salem itself. We’ve shredded for lawyers, factories, banks, local government agencies, and individuals in the area, and we’re looking forward to continuing our service here. As a small local business, you can count on our exceptional customer service to quickly answer your questions and go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met.

Why not clear off your desk, protect your information, and work with a local business all at once? We believe you’ll be able to see the difference in our customer service and our work ethic as soon as you start working with us. Call today to schedule an appointment and find out for yourself!