Mount Vernon Document Shredding

If you’re not shredding your documents, you’re running an unnecessary security risk. If you’re shredding with a small office shredder you’ve taken a step in the right direction, but a professional shredding service will give you more benefits than just an extra layer of security! Read on to find out what our shredding services can do for you.


When you simply throw away or recycle your documents, you can never be sure whether someone picks up those papers later on and gets access to your information. This is why shredding is so important to personal, business, and security.

Unlike an office shredder, we completely destroy your documents, without a single paper strip left behind! You can be completely reassured that no one will ever have access to the information in your paperwork. We encourage our customers to watch the shredding process take place, for maximum peace of mind.


We use a mobile shredding truck, so you won’t have to bother carrying your materials to a secondary location. We’ll come straight to you, and we’ll do it whenever is most convenient for you with our easy on-demand scheduling services. Whether you’re an individual working from home or a representative of a large business, we can shred for you. No amount of paperwork is too large or too small!


We are a small, family-led, Indiana company, which is part of the reason we take so much pride in our ability to serve the members of our community. We have worked with lawyers, factories, banks, local government entities, and individuals throughout Mount Vernon, and are excited to continue working in a community with such a rich history. We will always go the extra mile to make sure our customers receive the help they need for their individual circumstances.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to schedule a shredding appointment.