Shredding Unlimited in Michigan City

The beautiful shores of Lake Michigan are a wonderful place for any business to set up shop. Unfortunately, having a business in a beautiful location does not exempt you from the day-to-day tasks of office management. Shredding Unlimited can ease your workload by providing convenient and secure document destruction services.

Our Services

At Shredding Unlimited, we offer document destruction services for large and small businesses and individuals. We will tailor our services to meet your needs. After all, our goal is to make document destruction hassle-free and affordable for your business.

With our mobile shredding truck, we will come to your location and remove your documents. We shred on-site using a no touch process, and you can even watch your documents being destroyed using our truck’s external viewing monitor. Security is our priority, and you can rest assured that documents containing sensitive information will remain completely confidential throughout the destruction process.

Our free storage containers make it easy for you to keep your documents safe until shredding day. We offer many shredding scheduling options, and you can choose which one is the best fit for your business.

  • One Time Document Purge: Some businesses only have a large quantity of documents to destroy at certain times of year or after doing an office deep clean. If you just need a one time document purge, give us a call.
  • Regular Route Service: Our regular route service allows you to have document destruction on a fixed schedule. If you have a constant need for document destruction, this is a great option.
  • Call Ahead Service: Maybe your business falls in the middle, needing sensitive information destroyed several times a year but not frequently enough to be on the regular route. Just call ahead to schedule an appointment and we will stop by to shred your documents!

Our Values

We take our company values very seriously, and all of them feature one central priority: customer service.

  • Security: We understand how important it is for your information to remain confidential. That’s why we guarantee a high level of security when we destroy your documents.
  • Convenience: Your business has enough going on without having to worry about the hassle of document destruction. Our convenient services such as our mobile shredding truck and free storage containers are our way of saying that we value your time.
  • Environment: We are proud to say that every piece of paper we shred is recycled. This allows you to be a part of an environmentally friendly shredding process.

For more information about our services in Michigan City, contact us today!