La Porte Shredding Services

If you live in La Porte, Indiana, or the surrounding area, you deserve to have your data and information protected. One of the most effective ways to do this is through professional document shredding. When you have your documents shredded with us, we can secure your information in a convenient, cost-effective way that caters to your personal needs. Read on to discover all the advantages professional shredding can offer.


The greatest advantage of professional shredding is in the increased security it can provide for you, or your clients’, information. Professional shredding is significantly more secure than your standard office shredder for several reasons. Our shredding truck will destroy your paperwork completely, rather than leaving strips behind for a potential criminal to piece back together. Our shredding process is also entirely hands-off, so your documents move directly from a secure storage bin to the back of a shredding truck to be destroyed. This on-site shredding matters, because it means you can see your documents being destroyed, and can feel confident in the thoroughness of our process.


On-site shredding also means more convenience for you, as you’ll never have to carry  your documents to a second location. We offer easy on-demand scheduling as well, so we can bring our truck to you whenever fits your needs. Our services are available for individuals and large businesses alike, so whether you have a lot of paper that needs shredding or only a few pages, we can help! Professional shredding can also save you time and money by simplifying the process and making the task more manageable than ever.


We are a family-led, Indiana-based company, and we care about our local Indiana communities. We have shredded for banks, lawyers, local government offices, and individuals throughout Indiana, and we are excited to continue offering our services to the people of historic La Porte. When you work with us, you’ll experience fantastic customer service and increased personal and professional security.

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