Henderson Shredding Services

If you live in Henderson, you deserve the best personal security available. And a key part of that is document shredding you can depend on! A professional shredder can offer you much more than just a tidier desk—read on to learn more about the best Henderson Kentucky Shredding services available.

Increase your security

First and foremost, professional shredding means increased security. Your documents contain personal information, and that’s valuable, even if it doesn’t always seem that way. Identity thieves, however, know exactly what to look for on both personal and work-related documents. When you shred with us, your documents will be destroyed completely and beyond recall for maximum security. Even our employees won’t touch your documents once you’ve entrusted them to us. Instead, they’ll move directly from a secure paper storage bin to the back of our shredding truck. We encourage our clients to watch their documents destroyed on-site before our truck leaves so they can have total peace of mind in our security measures.

Customer convenience

We are committed to making our services easy to access for everyone, which is why we offer on-demand scheduling. We shred for companies large and small, so whether you have a lot of paperwork or only a little, call us! Similarly, we can offer one-time shreds or regularly-scheduled services, depending on your needs. Our shredding truck comes directly to you, so you’ll never have to worry about transporting your papers from place to place. Using a professional service is both more convenient and more cost-effective than trying to manage large amounts of paper on your own.

A sense of community

Our family-run company started in nearby Indiana, and we love being able to work with people in close-knit communities like Henderson. Henderson has a long, successful history (including playing a key role in making Mother’s Day a reality!), and we’d like to play our role in Henderson’s continued success. We have shredded for professionals throughout Henderson and beyond, and are looking forward to strengthening our relationships with the people of Henderson.

Why Choose Shredding and Storage Unlimited?

Our priorities at Shredding and Storage Unlimited set us apart. We always put our customers and their security first! When choosing Shredding and Storage Unlimited, you can expect these qualities and services.

  • Completely Confidential: Our shredding service is 100% confidential. With our on-site, no-touch shredder, you can have peace of mind knowing that your information remained secure from the time you deposited it into your free container until the moment it was destroyed.
  • Environmentally Focused: We are committed to being environmentally friendly, and recycle all of the paper we shred. Recycled paper conserves energy and resources, and our focus on the environment is one of our biggest values.
  • Convenient and Flexible: Our on-site service comes right to your location, leaving you free to focus on the work you care about. With flexible route options, you can choose a shredding schedule that works well for you. Schedule a regular route stop, call us each time your container is full, or schedule a one-time appointment after completing a big project or clean-out session.
  • Affordable Prices: Because of our unbeatable prices, using our shredding service will save you valuable time and money. All of the time you would have spent shredding your documents will be gained to further your business, and this is a financial investment that pays back in productivity.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to request a free quote!