Hebron Document Shredding

Is a professional shredder a good choice for me?

If you live in Hebron, Indiana, you deserve the greatest possible level of personal security. Identity theft is becoming more prevalent, and once of the best—and yet often overlooked—ways to protect yourself is by using a professional shredder to dispose of your documents. While increased security is the primary benefit of professional shredding, it’s far from the only advantage you’ll have access to.


Our shredding truck destroys documents completely, rather than leaving them in the paper strips of a basic office shredder. Any information on your paperwork will be completely untouchable once it’s been through our shredding process. In fact, even our employers won’t touch your information; it will be moved directly from a secure storage bin to our shredding truck, where it is safely destroyed. On-site shredding means you’ll be able to watch your documents be destroyed, so you can be completely satisfied with the level of security. Our paper waste is then recycled, meaning your decision to work with us is an environmentally friendly choice, too!


We do everything in our power to make our services accessible, starting with our easy scheduling system. We shred for individuals, large companies, and every organization size in between, so whether you’ve got a lot of paper or a little, we can help. We’re also available for both scheduled shreds and one-time shreds, depending on your needs. Whether you’re an individual with a handful of documents or a major business with boxes full of documents that need weekly shredding, our services are at your disposal. When you work with us, you’ll find that you can save time and money that you would otherwise have spent shredding those documents yourself.


We care deeply about Hebron, and our respect for its citizens and its rich history are obvious in the way we treat our customers. As a small, family-led business that got its start in Indiana, customer service is one of our priorities. If there’s anything we can do to improve your experience, we’ll make it happen.


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