Griffith Document Shredding

Whether you’re a large company or a one-man operation working out of a home office in Griffith, you deserve the protection and other benefits that a professional shredding service can offer you. Read on for a full list of what our company can do to help your business!


While more and more business is conducted online, it’s still just as important as ever to shred your printed documents. Nearly all documents have important personal information printed on them, and when you skip the shredding process, you never know whose hands those documents will end up in. Shredding with a professional shredder, rather than a small electric office shredder, will make your paperwork that much safer. Our process will make sure that your paperwork doesn’t end up in strips that can be pieced back together, but completely beyond recall for maximum protection.


When you work with us, we’ll bring our shredding truck straight to you, sparing you the inconvenience of carrying your materials elsewhere. We can shred any amount of material, large or small, and all pulverized paper materials will be recycled afterwards. We also encourage our customers to watch the shredding process take place, so you can have total peace of mind that your information has been safely destroyed.

Support a local business

We are a family-led, Indiana business and proud of it. We love working with communities of all sizes, from Griffith and its natural beauty to the Calumet and St. John townships. We have shredded for doctors, lawyers, accountants, banks, and small businesses in Griffith and the surrounding area, and we look forward to continuing to help Indiana residents with our services. Customer service is our top priority, and you’ll always be treated as an individual with individual needs when you work with us.

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