Franklin Township Shredding Services

Shredding your documents is vital for protecting your information, whether that information is strictly personal or involves your coworkers or clients. If you’re currently shredding documents with a small office shredder, that’s a step in the right direction. However, regardless of the size of your organization, professional shredding has several advantages over an office shredder or your nearest recycling bin.

Professional shredding means enhanced security

Your typical office shredder will turn your documents into regular strips of paper. Unfortunately, if a criminal is determined enough to access your information, those pieces can be put back together again! In some cases, a criminal knows which documents are worth looking at exactly because they’ve been shredded into those strips. When you use our professional services, your documents will go directly into a secure storage bin and then into our shredding truck (none of our employees will ever need to touch your documents). Once inside the truck, your paperwork will be destroyed completely. We encourage clients to watch this process for maximum peace of mind.

Professional shredding is centered on client convenience

With a professional service, you’ll never have to worry about staples jamming your shredder or overwhelming your shredder with too much material. We can provide our services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re an individual working out of a home office or a representative of a large business, we can help. We bring our shredding truck directly to your location, so you’ll never have to carry your documents to a secondary location. We also offer easy on-demand scheduling, so we can serve clients who want shredding on a regular basis as well as clients who only need one batch of papers destroyed. Our process will save you time and money, both immediately and in the long run!

Working with us means supporting your community

We love working in Franklin Township, from its long farming history to the sense of community throughout the township. We are a small, family-led business that originated in Indiana, and we are passionate about being able to serve the areas we care about. We have shredded for doctors, lawyers, factories and local government offices in Franklin Township, and we are excited to continue offering our services throughout the area.

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