Fort Wayne Shredding Services

We love having the chance to offer our services to the people of historic Fort Wayne. Shredding can make your workspace less cluttered and more secure all at once. Whether you’re an individual working out of a home office or at a large company, you can benefit from working with a professional shredding service—let us tell you how!


It might seem outdated in an age where so much business is conducted online, but shredding your documents can protect you from identity theft and other devastating forms of information fraud. Shredding your documents means you’ll never have to worry that your information might fall into someone else’s hands. A professional service will destroy your documents much more thoroughly than an office shredder, which means another layer of security and peace of mind. If interested, we encourage our customers to watch the shredding process for maximum peace of mind.


We use a shredding truck, which means we can bring our services right to your location and save you the hassle of carting your documents anywhere else. We also offer easy on-demand scheduling, so we can meet your needs whenever it is best for you. We provide our services to organizations large and small, so whether you have tons of paper or only a few sheets, we can happily shred them for you.

Small-town values

We’re an Indiana-based, family-led business, with the values to match. We got our start in Indiana, and we’re happy to be able to continue working with the people we care about. You can count on our exceptional customer service to make sure all your needs are met on an individual level. We’ll always go the extra mile to ensure we’re offering you the highest level of security and convenience possible. We’ve shredded for doctors, lawyers, banks, factories, and individuals in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area, and we’re looking forward to continuing. Go Mad Ants!


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