Dyer Paper Shredding

If you live in Huntington, Indiana, there’s more you can be doing to improve your workplace. By using our services to professionally shred your documents, you’ll experience far more benefits than just a cleaner desk. Read on for a better understanding of what shredding can do for you and your organization.

Increased safety

When you simply throw out or recycle your paperwork, there’s no way to know who might find those documents and read the personal information on them. More often than we realize, our paperwork contains sensitive information like contact details, addresses, and sometimes even data like bank or social security numbers.

The only way to be completely sure this information isn’t falling into the wrong hands is to completely destroy it. In that respect, our shredding truck can protect your paperwork much more thoroughly than any office shredder.

Convenience and accessibility

We bring our shredding truck to you, so you’ll never have to worry about carrying your materials to a secondary location. You can also watch our shredding process for complete peace of mind that your paperwork has been destroyed.

Our business shreds documents for organizations of all sizes, so whether you’re an individual working out of a home office or a representative of a large company, we can offer you our services. Lastly, we offer easy, on-demand scheduling so that you can arrange for our shredding truck to visit you just once, or on a regular basis, depending on your needs.

A community business

We are a small, family-led business that’s native to Indiana, and we know the Huntington community well. We have shredded for doctors, lawyers, accountants, banks, and several small businesses right here in Huntington. We love being able to work in a historic, close-knit community like Huntington, and we’re excited to be able to help more Huntington residents keep their information safe.