Document Shredding in Jasper

The destruction of sensitive documents is critical to many businesses, but it sometimes seems as though some piles of documents will never shrink. Shredding and Storage Unlimited can lighten your load by providing secure, efficient, and convenient shredding services.

Our Services

We serve the Jasper and larger Dubois County community with several different shredding services. Whether you are an individual or a business of any size, we understand that you deserve to spend your time doing what you love – and the truth is, that probably doesn’t include shredding your sensitive documents.

For your convenience, we will come to your house or business with our mobile shredding truck. You can schedule a regular time for us to stop by, call ahead to schedule each pickup, or request a quote for a one-time document purge. Our goal is to destroy your documents securely and efficiently, giving you peace of mind and leaving more time for you and your employees to do the work you care about.

Security Is Our Priority

It is crucial that your sensitive documents are destroyed in a way that is secure and confidential. This is one of our biggest priorities, and we take many precautions to make sure your document destruction is carried correctly.

We provide your business with free containers that take your documents straight from your office to our mobile shredding truck. You can even watch your documents being shredded, giving you confidence that your information remained confidential.

Document destruction is so time consuming that it can be tempting to simply discard information that should be shredded. Shredding and Storage Unlimited makes it possible to destroy documents quickly and efficiently, eliminating the urge to neglect document destruction when you are in a time crunch.

Why Choose Us?

Shredding and Storage Unlimited is committed to serving the Jasper and Dubois County community with safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly document destruction. Our clients include medical institutions, law firms, government agencies, universities, retired professionals, food service industries, individuals, and many more!

Whatever your need, we take your information seriously and ensure that you can have peace of mind about your document destruction. Visit our Contact Us page and we can discuss a service that is perfect for you and provide a free quote