Document Shredding in East Chicago

If your shred pile is taking on a life of its own, you need to consult the premier shred service in the East Chicago area. Here at Shedding Unlimited, we will help you take control of your office space by safely storing or shredding your confidential documents. Our mobile shred truck comes right to you–no job is too much or too little, because nothing limits Shedding Unlimited!


Tired of hand-feeding one sheet at a time through the delicate office shredder, in fear that it will jam or break? Look no further than Shredding Unlimited. Servicing the tri-state area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio with over 40 years of secure storage and shredding experience experience, we can save you time, money, and headaches. We do it all, from one-time purges of one box or hundreds, or regular pick ups of small shred totes to huge bins. We will come to your home, office, or company warehouse to shred your documents on the spot.


We provide secure and style-conscious shred bins that stay locked until the moment we dump the contents into the shredder. Don’t risk data breaches, violations of privacy laws (such as HIPAA), or other unwanted hassles. Trust the professionals and get it done right! Whether you need a regularly scheduled pickup or want to call us as-needed, we take care of your data quickly and efficiently.


The shredding blades on our state-of-the-art trucks make short work of more than just paper. Cardboard folders and boxes, paperclips, binder clips, CDs, floppy disks, USB drives, and other items you’d never dare run through your office shredder are no problem for our industrial blades. Just let us know what you have to shred and we will have the solution for you. Powered directly by the truck’s diesel engine, our shredder doesn’t mess around. Once it goes in the chute, your data is gone forever and safe from prying eyes.


We channel all of our shred waste into recycling. In 2018 alone, we recycled almost four million pounds of paper and cardboard. And, unlike some companies, we don’t ‘recycle’ by selling our shred for animal bedding. This recycling effort makes a real impact: we saved 34,000 trees from being cut down, and 7,000 cubic yards of landfill from being used. Not only is our mobile shred service secure, convenient, and cost-effective, it’s also better for the planet. As “A City of Hope and Progress”, East Chicago has a lot to offer, and we at Shredding Unlimited have a lot to offer you!


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