Bowling Green Shredding Services

From its origins way back in the late 1700s to its current success as one of the biggest cities in Kentucky, Bowling Green has a long history as a great place to live and conduct business. Part of that success is dependent on security, and the ability to protect your personal information and any client information you might be responsible for. One of the most effective ways to keep this information safe is by hiring a professional shredder. Read on to find out what our professional shredding services can do for you!


Every day, businesses manage paperwork that contains highly important data, ranging from contact information to even more sensitive materials like banking numbers and beyond. Throwing this paperwork away without destroying it first puts you at risk, because anyone can find that data and abuse it!

Shredding matters, and a professional shredder can offer a much greater level of security than your traditional office shredder for several reasons. Rather than turning paperwork into easily reassembled strips, our services will destroy your paperwork completely. Our employees will never touch your documents, and the materials will instead be transferred directly from a secure storage bin to our shredding truck.


On top of the level of security we can offer, we go the extra mile to make our services as accessible as possible. We offer easy, on-demand scheduling, whether you’d like a one-time shred or are interested in arranging an ongoing shredding schedule. We are also happy to work with clients of all sizes, so whether you’ve got one file’s worth of documents or several filing cabinets full, we can offer our services. You also won’t have to worry about carrying heavy boxes of documents anywhere; with our mobile shredding truck, we can come directly to you.


Supporting us means supporting a small, family-run business. We know the communities we work with, and are invested in the success of our customers. We have shredded for lawyers, factories, banks, local government agencies, individuals and more in Bowling Green and the surrounding area, and we are excited to continue supporting the city we care about. When you work with us, we think you’ll see the difference in our customer service immediately.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to schedule a visit from our shredding truck!