Alexandria Shredding

In today’s news, we’re constantly being bombarded by news of security breaches and information leaks. It can feel difficult to stay on top of your personal security, as well as knowing which services to trust with your information. If you’re in this boat, there’s one foolproof way to protect your information without any risk at all: document shredding!


Shredding your paperwork protects the important information that’s all too frequently printed and released into the world on your documents. When you work with us, your documents will go directly from a secure container into our heavy-duty shredder, with no one touching your paperwork at any point during this process for maximum security. While office shredders may jam on staples or struggle to handle more than a few documents at a time, our professional shredding service has none of these problems. Not only that, we bring our shredding truck directly to your location, saving you from making tiresome trips with a car full of paperwork.

About Us

We are a small, family-led business that originated in Indiana. Because of this, we have a real passion for offering our services to fellow Indianans, and are excited to work in Alexandria, as well as Monroe Township and Madison County. We love the small-town atmosphere of these locations, and you can expect to receive top-notch customer service with us. We also know that being in a small town doesn’t necessarily dictate the size of your organization, or the amount of paper you need shredded, which is why we can provide our services to groups ranging anywhere from one-person organizations to large businesses.

We treat every client individually and will do everything in our power to meet your personal shredding needs, and we’re confident that you’ll experience that as soon as you begin working with us. Call us today with any questions your might have, or to schedule your first shredding appointment!