One 95 Gallon Toter = One 64 Gallon Toter = Three 32 Gallon Toters = Three Consoles = 10 Copy Paper Sized Boxes = About 300 Pounds

Standard Service – $50: 

We come to you and shred up to one 95 gallon toter or equivalent above. Our on-site shredders will have your documents destroyed before we leave and you are welcome to watch the entire process. The price is the same for scheduled, unscheduled,

Additional 95 gallon toter or equivalent – $50 (prorated for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 full containers):

Have more than 10 boxes to destroy? Want to place Consoles all over your house? No problem! Each additional 95 gallon toter we fill is an additional $35 dollars. You should never be surprised by what you owe. 25 full copy paper boxes (that is a lot of shredding!) is $35 + $35 + $17.50 = $87.50.

 Container Placement Fee – $15; Container Rental Fee – $10 per month (not required): 

In some cases you may need to temporarily rent a locked container to store your confidential documents in before they are shredded. We have the perfect container for your home needs. No other shred company has the container inventory or options that we have. Wheeled containers in 95, 64, and 32 gallon sizes, Cabinets/Consoles in 35″, 27″, and 24″ heights, small desk containers, and custom options to fit your particular needs. We will place whatever container you want wherever you want it and if you change your mind we can put it somewhere else. It is what we do.

Old Box Recycling Fee – $0:

With lots of paper to be shredded usually comes with lots of boxes to be disposed of. We will take your cardboard off your hands so it is one less thing you have to deal with. We ship directly to cardboard and paper mills so you can rest assured that everything you give us will go towards saving a tree.

Carrying your shredding out of the attic/basement/down creepy road that is uphill both ways – $0:

Just let us know what needs to be shredded and we will take care of it. There is no extra labor charges if you make us work too hard. With that said, please let us know if it will be difficult to get a wheeled container to your shredding. Nate and Ryan are always looking for excuses to skip the gym.

Additional Pickup Fee, Rush Order Fee, Fuel Surcharge – $0:

There are no hidden fees. We will not try to nickel and dime you. If you don’t know what it will cost call our office or ask the shred truck driver and they will help you figure it out.


If you are interested and would like additional information or a specialized quote for any of our services please give us a call or leave a note on our contact page.