Washington Township Document Shredding

Why hire a professional shredder?

With its natural beauty, variety of successful businesses, and sense of community, Washington Township has been a key player in the state of Indiana. With the number of jobs, citizens, and businesses centered in Washington Township, it’s extremely important to protect the data of individuals and organizations alike. Professional shredding can prevent identity theft and other forms of identity fraud, but that is not the only benefit of using a professional service. Read on to learn exactly what professional shredding can do for you.


Oftentimes we aren’t even aware of the level of information that can be found on our documents, but identity thieves know exactly what to look for. By shredding your documents, you’ll keep all your information safe and won’t have to worry about any details escaping. Our shredding process is extremely thorough, and goes well beyond the simple paper strips of an office shredder. Even our employees won’t lay a hand on your documents once you’ve entrusted them to us; instead, they will move directly from a secure storage bin to our shredding truck. You’ll have maximum peace of mind when you work with us.


Our services are designed for ease of use. Our shredding truck is fully mobile, so we can come to your place of business, rather than asking you to take time out of your day to carry your materials to us. We also offer an easy scheduling calendar, so we can come whenever you need our services. Whether you need a one-time shred or a regular shredding schedule, we can help. We’re also proud to be able to recycle our destroyed paper materials, making our service an environmentally-friendly decision as well.


We are a family-led Indiana company, with the values to match. We care about our community, and have shredded for lawyers, factories, banks, local government offices, and individuals throughout Washington Township. We shred for customers regardless of size, so whether you have a lot of paperwork or a little, our services are available. We are excited to continue serving the people we care about!

Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to schedule a time for our shredding truck to come to you.