Versailles Document Shredding

If you live in Versailles and aren’t shredding your paperwork, you’re missing out on numerous benefits. By working with us as your professional shredder, you’ll receive more benefits than just a cleaner desk! Read on to learn exactly what advantages our company can offer you.

Increased security

Inevitably, paperwork—whether official documents or something more casual—has personal information on it. When paperwork is thrown away or recycled, it’s impossible to know who might pick it up and suddenly have access to your contact information, client data, or even more sensitive material like banking or social security numbers. By shredding your paperwork before disposing of it, you can know that no one will get access to the information printed there.

While office shredders leave your documents in strips, our shredding truck will completely destroy your paperwork, so no one will be able to piece those documents back together. You are also welcome to watch our shredding process, for maximum peace of mind.

Maximum convenience

We bring our shredding truck directly to you, sparing you the trouble of carrying your paperwork to another location. You can also take advantage of our easy on-demand scheduling to arrange a one-time shred, or regular visits from our shredding truck. We offer our services to organizations of all sizes, so whether you’re an individual with a few documents to shred or a representative of a large company with filing cabinets full, we can help.

Working with us will save you time and money, immediately as well as down the road. We also recycle all our leftover paper materials, so you can feel good about your environmental contribution as well.

Local business

We are a small, family-led business, and we have the values to match. When you work with us, you’ll immediately see our commitment to customer service and meeting individual needs. We’re also an Indiana-native company, and we know Versailles and the surrounding area well. We’ve shredded for lawyers, factories, banks, local government agencies, and residential customers in Versailles, and we’re excited to continue providing Versailles with the royal treatment that a town named after the Palace of Versailles deserves.

Contact us today to learn more about what shredding can do for you, or to schedule an appointment!