Sullivan Shredding

If you’ve got a personal shredder under your desk, you’re on the right track. However, your documents are more important than you know! Bank account numbers, contact information, and social security data all appear on our paperwork more than we realize, and can all be used to commit various identity crimes.


For a committed criminal, piecing together documents that have been shredded in a typical office shredder may not be the deterrent people assume it is. Knowing that thirty-three percent of American adults have experienced some form of identity theft is a good reason to be careful with your information! When you work with Shredding Unlimited, you’ll know that your documents are completely safe. Our shredding process is completely secure, meaning that as soon as your documents are passed from you to us, they’ll be destroyed beyond any criminal’s ability to reconstruct.

If you or your organization goes through large amounts of important paperwork, a professional shredding service can help you manage the load. We are well-equipped to handle shredding loads of all sizes, big or small. Rather than letting those stacks of documents pile up, give us a call! We can safely dispose of your documents and open up space on your desk at the same time. Similarly, don’t feel as though you don’t produce enough paperwork to warrant a professional shredding service. You don’t need to have a large order to deserve safe document disposal.


At Shredding Unlimited, we value our customers. We’re a small, family business with the values to match, which means we will always be available to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. We care about the Sullivan community, and are honored to be a part of it. With our flexible team and commitment to our customers, we can work with individuals or large businesses just as easily. Working with us means the opportunity to collaborate with a family business that cares about your individual needs just as much as we care about our work.

Whether your organization is a large-scale business or a one-man operation, Shredding Unlimited can help you stay safe. We are committed to customer service and secure document disposal because we care about Hamilton Township and Sullivan county. Contact us today to learn more about what Shredding Unlimited can do for you!