Madison Indiana Shredding

Are you looking for an easy and secure way to shred your sensitive documents? Here at Shredding and Storage Unlimited, we prioritize both individuals and businesses, offering services to meet all of your document shredding needs.


Madison deserves a shredding service that is environmentally friendly, confidential, and efficient so that you can be confident that sensitive information is disposed of properly. Fortunately, we have you covered.

Why Use a Shredding Service?

Shredding sensitive documents is an extremely important part of keeping your business’s information secure, but it can also be very time consuming. The last thing you want is for your employees to spend valuable time doing the mundane work of shredding documents, when you hired them for much more pressing tasks. Hiring a shredding service will save you time and money, leaving your employees free to do the work your business needs.


Security is another reason to hire an outside shredding service. While your trusted employees have good intentions, it is simply too easy to neglect a document or accidentally view confidential information. Shredding and Storage Unlimited takes documents directly to our mobile shredding truck where they are shredded immediately using a no-touch process. You can even watch the process using our external viewing monitor.


Using a shredding service also gives you the opportunity to ensure your shredded documents are being disposed in an environmentally friendly way. It can be difficult to prioritize recycling when you’re dealing with destroyed documents, but Shredding and Storage Unlimited is committed to prioritizing the environment and recycling every piece of paper we shred so the beautiful trees at places like Clifty Falls can be protected .

Our Unique Services

We offer a number of unique services that make your life easier as a Shredding and Storage Unlimited customer. Our services benefit both businesses and individuals; we are the preferred shredding service for Madison doctors, lawyers, accountants, and small business owners.


We offer:


  • Mobile Shredding Truck: Our trucks make it possible to come to your business and shred your documents on site. This means less hassle for you and the security of knowing your documents have remained confidential!
  • Free Containers: We provide free document containers for our clients. When your container is full, give us a call and we will stop by to retrieve your documents for shredding.
  • Community Shredding Days: We offer community shredding days in Madison, giving community members a place to shred important documents even if they do not own a shredder.
  • Document Storage: We will safely store your documents and keep them available for your use whenever you need them.


Shredding and Storage Unlimited is here to make your document destruction experience easy, efficient, and secure. For more information on our services, contact us today!