Knox Document Shredding

If you live in historic Knox, Indiana, or anywhere nearby, you deserve to have pride in your hometown. Whether you’re enjoying one of Knox’s restaurants or spending time in Knox’s natural beauty, you know the importance of feeling safe in your community. Things like controlling crime and locking your doors are obvious ways to keep a community safe, but it might surprise you to hear that shredding is a simple step you can take towards making you, your business, and your community safer.

Why hire a professional shredder?

Important personal information is printed on nearly all of our personal or work-related documents. We often don’t even realize what vital data we have lying around on our desks. However, when we simply throw away or recycle paperwork, it can be easy for that important information to fall into the wrong hands. Criminals who deal in personal information know what to look for, and even a basic office shredder often can’t do enough to obscure credit card information, social security numbers, and contact information.

By hiring a professional shredder, you know that your documents will be completely destroyed, beyond the reach of any potential criminals. Professional shredding can also clear up the space on your desk you’ve been missing, and generally be a cost-effective way to keep your documents well-managed and safe.

Why hire Shredding Unlimited?

Unlike other professional shredders, we pride ourselves on our small-business values. We will always be on hand to take care of any questions you might have or to offer our shredding services. Our shredding truck comes directly to your location, so you won’t have to worry about carting your paperwork around, and we offer easy on-demand scheduling so you can have your paperwork shredded easily, whenever you need. We can shred a handful of documents or boxes full; we are just as happy to work with individuals as we are to work with large companies.

We have experience shredding for lawyers, banks, local government organizations, and individuals in Knox, and we have loved our experiences working here. We look forward to continuing to provide our services.


Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and to get on track for increased personal safety!