Hanover Document Shredding

With the amount of information that is stored online and in computers today, it can be easy to forget that it’s essential to secure your physical information at the same time. If you’re in Hanover, Indiana, or anywhere throughout Jefferson County, let Shredding Unlimited help you and your company stay secure. Every company or individual has sensitive information on file. If you’re attending Hanover College, you don’t want to risk your academic work or your next big idea leaking! By throwing away or recycling your documents, or even using a standard office shredder, you risk letting social security numbers, bank accounts, and other important information find themselves in unfriendly hands. By using Shredding Unlimited’s services, you can know that your data is totally secure.

Why Shredding Unlimited?


It can be dangerous to leave information out in the open, or to trust small office shredders to do the job thoroughly. It can be surprisingly easy to piece together the strips of paper that a normal shredder produces. Fortunately, Shredding Unlimited doesn’t rely on small-scale shredders. When you use Shredding Unlimited, you are completely protecting your most important information while also supporting a local community business.

Shredding Unlimited employees will never look at any of the confidential materials you’ve handed over to us. In fact, the containers holding your papers to be shredded will only open once they’ve been shredded. Using a mobile shredding truck makes it possible for us to handle very large amounts of materials at once while providing a shredder powerful enough that you won’t have to worry about removing staples, paper clips, or binding.

Green Community

We are happy to handle requests from large businesses or individuals, and we can offer different shredding services to meet your individualized needs. All paper remains will be recycled, because we believe in incorporating sustainability into our business model wherever we can.

We take pride in our community and the accomplishments of Jefferson County just as we take pride in our standard of work. We are a family-run business that is committed to quality shredding because we want to make Hanover businesses and citizens as safe as possible. We’ve shredded for lawyers, banks, factories, local government institutions, and individuals in Hanover for years, and we’re excited to continue our work. Contact us today to learn more about our shredding services and what our secure shredding can do for you!