Franklin Paper Shredding

It’s unfortunately easy to forget to shred your documents. Many people, and sometimes entire companies, will simply throw away their documents out of convenience. Even those who do remember to shred them often only use a basic office shredder, which can only turn your paperwork into neat, easy to read strips. It might seem harmless to simply put your papers in the recycling bin or toss your shredded strips into the trash, but thoroughly destroying your documents is an important step towards keeping you, and your employees, safe.

Why use a professional shredder?

Identity theft and other types of information fraud are becoming increasingly prevalent, and in an age when plenty of important information is now online, it’s easy to neglect your physical paper trail. However, papers with your bank account information, social security number, and even information like phone numbers and addresses can be a goldmine for those with unfriendly intentions. When you hire a professional shredder like Shredding Unlimited, any personal information you have on your documents will be completely destroyed, leaving you completely safe as a result.

Experience safety from a business with local values

Safety might be the most important benefit we offer, but it isn’t the only one. We use a shredding truck, which means that we bring our service to you. With Shredding Unlimited, you won’t have to carry heavy boxes of documents anywhere. Instead, we’ll come to you, and save you the trouble of transporting heavy and unwieldy materials. We also cater to clients of all sizes. If you’re a local individual with just a few important documents to dispose of, we can help. We can also dispose of very large quantities of paperwork for businesses and other organizations. No matter how large or small your order is, we can help.

We have enjoyed our experience serving individuals and businesses in historic Franklin, Indiana. We have shredded for doctors, lawyers, factories, and local government offices throughout Franklin and the surrounding area, and we are looking forward to helping more residents and professionals safely and securely dispose of their sensitive materials.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take an important step towards keeping your information safe!