Berne Document Shredding

Couldn’t every organization benefit from a service that clears the clutter from desks and filing cabinets and protects sensitive personal information at the same time? When you work with a professional shredding service, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Shredding your documents not only does the obvious by getting rid of the annoying extra paperwork, but it takes a big step towards protecting your personal information as well. Many of the documents that are printed and looked at every day have important information printed on them, even if you don’t realize it. Shredding can help keep that information in all its forms out of the hands of potential criminals.

If you’re already shredding your paperwork through an office shredder, great! However, you can do better. Simple shredders can only handle so much material at once, and are easily jammed by small elements such as paperclips and staples. Those shredders can also only turn paperwork into neat strips, which can easily be pieced back together by a determined person. Seeing these shredded strips is also an indicator to potential criminals that some worthwhile information is hidden there. Finally, people use office shredders unreliably, simply because it’s not entirely convenient.

A professional shredding service solves all of these problems. We thoroughly destroy your paperwork so you’ll never have to worry about your printed information getting out, and our shredders can handle large amounts of paper and can overcome staples and paperclips easily. Whether you’re getting ready to dispose of just a few documents or boxes full of them, we can help. With our simple on-demand scheduling, we can offer a one-time shred or a regular schedule if you often have paperwork that needs disposed of.

We love working with close-knit communities like Berne, Monroe and Wabash townships, and Adams county. As a small, family-led business, we take the time to get to know our clients and what makes them unique. We are excited to work with towns like Berne, with their Amish heritage, and individual clients throughout the area with their unique needs.

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